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Zinc Plating :


Zinc plating involves the electrolytic application of zinc by immersing clean steel parts in a zinc salt solution and applying an electric current. We carry four different zinc plating products that are sure to fit your metal plating needs. They include: An Alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating, Bright Acid chloride zinc plating, Zinc-nickel alloy plating Cyanide zinc plating Our zinc plating process is suitable for rack or barrel plating and large volume batches.

Acid Chloride Zinc

A mixed ammonium/potassium chloride bright zinc plating process It produces brilliant, level and ductile deposits even on difficult substrates such as cast iron, heat treated and carbonitrited steel. The water soluble brightener goes into solution much more readily than a solvent based brightener.

A bright chloride zinc plating solution.
It has the same inherent advantages and benefits as but uses a different carrier component. SMF is an expert metal finishing and metal plating company, and is also a member of ASTM International. For more information about ASTM International, click here.

Alkaline Non-Cyanide Zinc Plating:

Zinc Plating
zinc plating

It is a thoroughly tested, stable and production proven zinc plating brightener process. It provides better zinc metal distribution than traditional alkaline zinc or chloride zinc plating systems. Operating parameters are wide and therefore it is an easy process to maintain. The process was developed to replace cyanide zinc plating without sacrificing the quality of the zinc deposit. Waste treatment is simplified and requires only a simple pH adjustment to precipitate zinc metal as zinc hydroxide.

Benefits of Alkaline Zinc Plating:

  1. Totally eco friendly and does not contain cyanides at all.
  2. The deposits from Alkaline Zinc have better uniformity and metal distribution. there by improved corrosion resistance.
  3. No corrosive fumes.
  4. Eliminates the use of poisonous Cyanide and also reduces the cost of waste treatment to destroy Cyanides.
  5. Low current density coverage is excellent.
  6. Conventional plating equipments required for Cyanide Zinc plating can be used. No need for additional expenses.
  7. Chromate acceptance ability is superior to Acid Chloride zinc Process.


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