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Rhodium Plating
Gold Plating
Electroless Gold Plating
Silver Plating
Bright Nickel Plating
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Tin Plating
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Plating Methods:

Electroplating - Racking, and Barrel plating


Manideep Techno Coats. offers complete electroplating ability to plate larger parts, which require rack mounting or wire mounting.

Racking or wiring are methods of grouping individual parts together with electrical continuity so that the individual parts can be plated as a group. This facilitates increased productivity and lower pricing than individually electroplating the same parts. Depending on the size of individual parts, the quantities involved and the shape of the part, we will make a recommendation for racking or wiring.
Note that electroplating requires each part be in physical, electrical contact with electrical power source. At the point of electrical contact, no electrodeposit will be made to the part. We engineer our racks and wire methods of electroplating to produce the smallest possible contact point with your part, consistent with minimum requirements or electrical continuity. We consult with you to insure that our proposed contact points will not interfere with the functional and aesthetic requirements of your product. Then we write a specification to insure that we rack or wire the parts the same way every time. Our pre-production department is trained to insure consistent methods for the lifetime of our relationships with our customers.
Depending on the quantities and part shapes involved for electroplating, we will recommend either wiring, use of one of our standard rack configurations, or the development of an engineered custom rack. Parts with higher volumes and unique shapes or parts of low volume, unique electroplating requirements and high value are candidates for custom rack engineering.
Often, a custom rack for electroplating is required to insure uniform electrodeposits in deep cavities where flux densities cannot be maintained without close coupling of internal anodes with the part surface. In these circumstances, Suresh Metal Finisher’s electrical and mechanical engineering staff is able to design precise tooling and process procedures, which are optimized for your part. We use internal and external anode configurations with one or more independent power supplied tuned for super precise coating thickness over the entire surface of the part.

Barrel Plating

Manideep Techno Coats offers complete barrel plating services for gold, silver, rhodium, nickel, tin and copper.

We use the phrase "barrel plating" in a general way to refer to a wide variety of methods for electroplating small parts in large groups. While barrels are a mainstay in our electroplating process, we go several steps further. Barrel plating is our strength. We have developed several proprietary methods of electroplating small parts in large groups which we refer to as "barrel plating" but do not necessarily use anything shaped like a barrel.

The wide variety of part shapes that our customers bring to us, each with their own unique handling requirements, has driven the need to innovate our electroplating techniques. Barrel plating is a very productive method of electroplating. It does not demand extremely the very high volumes that continuous strip, automated plating does and it is a far more productive plating method than rack plating. However, barrel plating is a dynamic process, which in its most common application of tumbling the parts, can easily damage the part shape. We move beyond tumbling parts to several other methods that provide the cost effectiveness of tumbling with out the risk of damage. We stand ready to engineer a process for you.


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