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Rhodium Plating
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About Us :


Manideep Techno Coats was established in 2011 and has grown to a strength of 40 people with a working area of 6,000 square feet. Our business is barrel and rack plating of precious and semi-precious metals.

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We believe that our long-term success is based on providing our client with a predictably good and consistent level of quality that will meet or exceed their specifications. The SMF Performance Guarantee assures that this is met through our trained staff of plating professionals and certification process. Additionally, our sales staff works closely with our clients to provide acceptable lead times along with competitive pricing. We understand that your customer is our customer and we invite the opportunity to work with you in this team-based approach to develop close relationships. SMF is an expert in metal finishing and metal plating company. SMF offers a variety of Electroplating Processes for metal plating jobs. SMF is a leader in the industry. All of SMF’s electroplating finishes are of extremely high quality. Rhodium plating, Gold plating, Electro less Gold plating, silver plating, Bright Nickel Plating, Nickel Chromium Plating, Electro less Nickel Plating Tin plating, Copper plating, Anodizing, Blackening, Cadmium plating, Passivation on Stainless Steel parts, Trivalent Chrome Passivation (TCP) (Yellow, Green, White), Zinc plating (Acid Chloride Zinc, Cyanide Zinc, Alkaline Non-Cyanide & Zinc Nickel Plating) and many others. We currently serve the following manufacturing areas:
•   Aerospace
•   Defense
•   Electrical Connectors
•   Telecommunications
•   Medical Devices & Electronics
•   Computer
•   ATMs
•   Microwave Products
•  Currency Counting Machines We are always pleased to entertain new challenges and     opportunities and offer quick turn quotes and sample or prototype plating!

Our Electroplating Services Parts and Components :

Manideep Techno Coats Metal Finishers specializes in the plating of a wide variety of small and large parts for Aerospace, Defense, Computer, Telecommunication, and Microwave Products, Cell Phone Jammers, Cell phone Boosters. Some of the many parts include; connectors, contacts, springs, barrels, tubes, stamped parts, plungers, brackets, coins, coils, bullet tips and castings to name a few. Our services include Rhodium Plating Gold Plating, Electro less gold plating, silver plating, Bright Nickel Plating, Electro less Nickel Plating Tin plating, copper plating, Anodizing, Blackening on copper, copper alloys, Stainless Steel and Mild Steel, Cadmium plating, Passivation on Stainless Steel parts, Trivalent Chrome Passivation (Yellow, Green, White), Zinc plating (Acid Chloride Zinc, Cyanide zinc, Alkaline Non-Cyanide & Zinc Nickel Plating and many others.

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Our main specialty includes the plating of small parts and components in a variety of barrels. The barrels are set up to accommodate the size and fragility of each part and component.

Customized Plating

Manideep Techno Coats Metal Finishers has engineered the production processes to be flexible to our clients needs. We recognize that not all parts or components need the standard mill specifications for finishing. Therefore, our staff of professionals is equipped with the tools to provide the metal finish combinations that will meet your varying needs.Metal finishes such as gold electroplating require different levels of lubricity, hardness or consistent coverage; Manideep Techno Coats Metal Finishers employs patented electroplating processes of part and component preparation, heating and baking.

Electroplating Applications HelpWhich metal is right for my electroplating application? We have some thoughts on that. Call us and we’ll work with you to build the right specification. In the meantime, here’s some basic info.

blackening cadium chromate

Gold plating, nothing else has that color. Also, gold doesn’t oxidize so its’ electrical properties stay constant over time. We add cobalt to increase the hardness and wear resistance. Lots of applications in electrical switches/contacts/connector pins, etc. We follow Mil Spec G-45204 Rev.C.Rhodium plating: Super hard, Super wear resistance, Non-oxidizer white color. Electrical contact applications involving severe duty Mil Spec R-46085 Rev. ASilver plating: No other metal has as good electrical conductivity as silver. It’s rather soft and therefore can wear in sliding contact. Silver is a fast oxidizer, which can interfere with electrical conductivity at contact interfaces. This metal excels in radio frequency (RF) conductivity applications such as antennas, radio chassis, and cellular phone gear. To achieve RF conductivity and control oxidation, we suggest either a thin layer of gold (we call that a "flash" of gold), or paint, over silver.

Copper plating: Copper is frequently used as an undercoat to silver, gold, and Nickel. It adheres to the precious metals very well and also adheres to many base metals far better than the precious metals do. As an undercoat, copper also provides good corrosion resistance for the base metal. Copper can be soldered in electrical assembly and Mil Spec C-14550.


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